Zoes Kitchen

2907 Washington Road

Augusta, GA 30909

11:00 am- 9:00 pm daily




I was in the mood for something light and flavorful when I was recommended to head over to Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner. Of course, I checked out their menu before deciding to go. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety that their menu had. I saw numerous selections that I was tempted to try. After entering the address in my gps (yes, I’ve been here for five years and STILL use a gps) I was on my way.

Arriving to the restaurant, I noticed that the location was great. It is in the plaza of Whole Foods and in the central hotel area on Washington Road. They were pretty busy as I walked in, also observing how clean the environment was. Zoe’s Kitchen has a Panera Bread meets Pita Pit type of feel to me.

I ordered the Club Pita minus the spicy mustard and ham, along with their Chicken Orzo soup. The cashier gave me a number to set at my table while I waited for my meal. An employee brought my order out promptly with cutlery and napkins. The pita was delicious-despite them not having bbq sauce as a substitute for mustard. The soup was hot and bursting with flavor. I brought the rest of my soup and crackers home for lunch the following day.

It’s always awkward for me to leave my empty dishes at the table in a restaurant but the manager insisted as we exchanged kind words. It was nice to see a manager cleaning and caring after patrons instead of behind the counter or worse- nowhere in sight. I believe that Zoe’s Kitchen was a hit. I will definitely be returning to try different selections and their scrumptious desserts!