So here we were, two women disappointedly walking back to our vehicle with the new found realization that The Whiskey Bar was hotter than we imagined. So hot, that if we chose to stay, we would still be waiting to get in. Half way back to our destination, I looked up to see lights turning on and music being selected in a cozy looking bar. The name sounded familiar. That’s when it clicked!

Tribeca! I heard about Tribeca before I was even of age to enjoy what Tribeca had to offer. What do they offer? To the naked eye, it seems like just hookah and alcohol. But when you dig deeper, the vibe exceeds the basic idea of a hookah bar. There are chic couches when you first walk in, a fully stocked bar, and further back are tempting pool tables. That’s when I noticed the stairs. “HOOKAH SMOKERS ONLY”, they read as you step up to where the magic happens.

The upstairs is even cozier with dim lighting, couches, chairs, and tables all so intimately set together. The hookah area is so inviting with it’s the-more-the-merrier- charm. Just when I thought the vibe couldn’t get any more chill, the music played. Not just any music, either. It was the good kind. The type of music that made you feel something because the lyrics sink in to your soul.

The icing on top of the cake had to be the board games that they have stacked on shelves. If you’re looking for a place to bring your friends, this is it. They focus on the simplicity: good company and good vibes. They also have endless varieties of hookah flavors with awesome staff to serve you. Next time you are blowing “O’s”, make sure it’s at Tribeca on Friday nights.

Yours truly,

Tiara B.