Halfway through his Newport 100, I sat and observed Niko Wesby, a California born, South Carolina/Georgia raised Bohemian Hipster, kick his leg up and relax observing his surroundings. Sharing a similar upbringing, I could see both the west and east coast influence from his mannerisms and the way he spoke, with that tight-lipped west coast dialect I know all too well. Tattoo-laden hands and knuckles and THIS IS ART labeled right above his left eyebrow, his passion for creative expression was clear even before the interview began.

With a sky full of clouds, slight winds, and the smell of rain in the air, we opted to sit outside anyway. It was Friday, about mid-day in downtown Augusta, Georgia and we decided to have lunch at 1102 Bar and Grill, a popular restaurant in the city. As we occasionally peeked through the window waiting for the waitress to bring our lunch, I was having the Western BBQ Burger and Niko, their famous Cajun Chicken Pasta, we listened to the music around us. We heard the rhythm of clicking heels as a businesswoman walked past us, the coughing engines of trucks transporting goods to its next location and the culmination of conversation among friends and associates along Broad Street. It was a beautiful song and the perfect setting for an interview. Click Play.


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