The Connect & Inspire Series

Inspiration for running a business can come from anywhere. That inspiration can derive from the resources we use to mobilize our dreams and from the artists and entrepreneurs that live within our community.

AUG XXI & T-Mobile have partnered together to help give small businesses a voice and the tools and technology necessary to take their business to the next level, with The Connect & Inspire Series.

The Connect & Inspire Series features 3 artists and entrepreneurs and takes a deeper look into how they connect with their supporters, gain new fans and clients and inspire other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Our Vendor Mixer Saturday, July 23rd at Sole Augusta, places a spotlight on local businesses and professionals to encourage local residents to connect and buy locally and for entrepreneurs to network with like-minded individuals. For more information about our Vendor Mixer, click here.

Humanitree House Juice Joint & Gallery: Baruti & Denise Tucker

Graphic Designer: Jason Craig

Singer/Songwriter: Nefertiti