Soy Noodle House

1032 Broad St

Augusta, Ga 30901

(706) 364-3116

I visited Soy Noodle House on a Saturday afternoon. Upon my entrance I observed small tables of families and groups of friends chattering amongst themselves. I was directed to choose where I wanted to sit by a waitress who quickly approached me. I liked to experience this type of service because far too often do I find myself waiting for a hostess to even notice my existence. I opted for a booth and skimmed over the menu.

Their menu in its entirety was beginning to sound appetizing. After asking the waitress for help deciding, I went for Lo Mein noodles with fried tofu (you read that correctly!) that also included fresh garden veggies. For an appetizer, I enjoyed the Veggie Spring Rolls that had a refreshing ginger sauce for dipping. The waitress also recommended a drink called Long Beach. When she brought the drinks to the table, the colors were so vivid and the bartender did not skimp on the alcohol. This is important to me, because I don’t like to spend hard earned money on watered down drinks.

To sum this up, the whole experience was wonderful. The food was prompt, hot, and plentiful. Soy Noodle House has a full menu with many options. On my next visit, I will be exploring their sushi menu- and ordering another Long Beach (or two)!


Stay Tuned!