QP’s Dollhouse: Meet QP

Artina Sharpton, affectionately known as QP, sat across from me, dressed comfortably in a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, equipped with a shy and humble personality. From our initial introduction, I, nor most people, would never have guessed the extravagance with which she expresses herself through fashion. Offering a new perspective on urban couture, her designs are a myriad of fabrics, cuts and designs that epitomize her perspective on creative expression. A Journey Down the Rabbit Hole is a recent themed fashion show, hosted on December 12th by QP, that showcases some of her works thus far. Her most recent pieces are without a doubt, one of a kind, and designed with an edge for any shape or size.

What is her inspiration? Simple, she just creates what feels good to her. Our interview takes an interesting journey into who this fashion maven is, what gets her creative juices flowing and what the future of fashion and her business holds for her. QP is definitely a designer to discover this season and it was more than a pleasure interviewing her.

Check out our interview.


You can check out the fashion show recap here.

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