Playground reminds me of one of those bars in the movies where all the college kids go.

That’s the energy that I felt when walking in. They had a dope dj mixing that night, DJ Knightmare, who had the hits playing back to back. He had a balanced mix of current music and the classics-which was refreshing because not a lot of dj’s know how transition from old to new correctly.

The bar itself was packed yet you didn’t have to wait too long to be acknowledged and served-and it may help that I’m a woman.

The drinks were far from watered down-which I appreciate if I’m spending my money on them.
From the bar, I looked up and saw that there was an upstairs area. Naturally, my nosey self went to check it out. As soon as you walk up the stairs you’ll see two pool tables and a ton people laughing and talking while they wait their turn to play. I could tell that this [upstairs] was the chill area. People were either huddled in groups conversing and dancing or playing at the tables.

After being there for quite some time I decided to walk downstairs to leave. Despite being able to look over into the downstairs area from the balcony, I wasn’t prepared for how thick the crowd had gotten. I’m 5’3, so you can imagine me trying to sift through all of these people just to get to the door.

All in all, I had a really good time. I was able to meet some great people and no one seemed to have a negative vibe. The dress code was pretty casual and that made the energy even more laid back. I would go back when I’m ready to face that crowd again.