Lunch w/ Rhyauna | Flame Bar & Grill

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today I had lunch at Flame Bar & Grill. As you know, the weather was amazing today and as Westcoaster I cherish days like this. It reminded me of a cool California day, with just enough breeze and sun to change any mood. My friend Lex and I decided to make a date out of it and catch up, talk about business and life and enjoy each other’s company, (He’s a foodie as well). I love when we when get together. We’re such kindred spirits and we always leave each other more motivated about our dreams and goals then when we started. I love that about my friends.

We both decided that since the weather was so nice, seafood would be our food of choice as well as outdoor dining. He had the shrimp and fries and I had a tilapia sandwich and fries. Our meal can be summed up in two words, amazingly fresh. The tilapia and shrimp were delicious and the fries tasted of fresh potatoes picked right from a garden and seasoned to perfected. Flame Bar & Grill  could definitely become one of my favorite spots as it not only serves as a restaurant but a nightclub as well. They are a growing business with a lot of potential. Give it I try if you have some time. They’re located at 830 Broad  Street in Downtown Augusta. #EatTalkDrinkVibe