Humanitree House

This is a culturally rich spot. I call it a “spot” because it has so many facets which makes putting Humanitree in a box impossible. What really captured me about this place was the atmosphere. I had never been prior to this documented visit, yet, everyone made me feel so welcome. I felt as though I could get comfortable there. Maybe it was the cozy lounging area? Or perhaps it was the customers playing guitars and vibing along to one another.

I do know that I appreciated the art that was attractively displayed. The mural (pictured) was captivating at every glance. Then, there was the dimly lit gallery, where I found numerous pieces beautifully created by the co-owner, Brother B. To my surprise, I was educated on the fact that not only did Brother B create these pieces, he created them using his fingers!

I was getting pretty hungry, naturally, so I stepped over to their café area where I quickly learned that their whole menu was vegan. I know that sounds scary to the carnivores but Humanitree has something on their menu for everyone-especially if your mind is open. That night they were serving Vegetable Curry (pictured). It smelled so enticing that I had to sneak a peek for my readers. I enjoyed Love Pusha, a smoothie from their limitless array of smoothies, teas and other drinks. Love Pusha consisted of berries, Almond milk, Almond butter, and I added raw honey due to massively sized sweet tooth. That smoothie was gone in no time!

As I sipped on my smoothie, I had to remind myself that I was having a discussion with other people watching me, because I started to move to the music of a DJ that was mixing that night. I gazed at the artwork and the handmade jewelry on display (and for sale!) as the night only progressed from there. I experienced so much laughter and genuine joy with other customers and the staff.

This place has so much character and love. I would consider Humanitree if you’re in a chill-vibe kind of mood. I was able to lounge around and have real conversations with people during my visit. I will definitely be returning for the vibe that I’ve been craving.