Augusta On The Rise

Just a few weeks ago I had lunch with Susan Dilworth of Dilworth PR. It was a fruitful conversation, but she had a photoshoot very soon afterward. Considering it was only up the street, she invited me to tag along, and that’s where I met Neil Blair and most of the cast of Augusta on the Rise. This was also the beginning of my involvement with the huge network of young entrepreneurs in the city.

Augusta on the Rise is a documentary series covering several entrepreneurs and artists within Augusta, Georgia. It shines a light on those that push to grow themselves as well as the city itself and the production of the documentary was a great avenue to connect the many entertainers and business people together. The insight into their lives show and tell where they are now, how they began, and possibly foreshadows the bright futures that may come from their work.

The premiere was an excellent event itself. It was a performance for multiple entertainers as well as a major networking event for business people. Overall, it was a very positive occasion. I met a myriad of people that I am sure will be able to help each other on their endeavors. To be honest, this article wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Augusta on the Rise and being able to meet Ms. Rhyauna Guidry.

Augusta on the Rise is currently on and new episodes are released on Fridays. Also check out my interview with the creator, Neil Blair.

Aaron M. Goolsby